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Canada Day: Technology to replace fireworks

Canada Day: Technology to replace fireworks

The drone and light shows on Canada Day are just in time as many parts of the country battle raging wildfires.

So with these flying devices, moving pictures will be projected to the sound of music in the sky.

“The reason it’s popular is because it’s new, different, and modern. We can replicate perfect images in the sky,” explained founder and CEO of Northstar — Canada’s largest drone and fireworks display company — Jeff Clarmeau.

Among the municipalities that have chosen to replace the fireworks is the town of Wakefield, which usually attracts thousands of people to its Canada Day fireworks display. This year, the city in the La Pêche sector will instead stage a drone demonstration, a solution with less impact on nearby communities, according to the company. Globe and Mail.

Every year after the fireworks display, there are a slew of posts on social media about animal loss. Pets are one thing, but then you start to think about nature and everything that lives in the surrounding woods and how those big bangs are amazing And captives Scare everything from deer to bears, wolves and foxes,” Wakefield Canada Day coordinator Carly Wood explained to the English-language media.

The city of Winnipeg also chose this option for environmental reasons.

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