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Airport chaos: $1,450 Uber to New York – Pont Rouge

Airport chaos: $1,450 Uber to New York – Pont Rouge

After numerous flight delays and cancellations, a Quebec couple decided to take extreme measures to get back to Pont Rouge: They took an Uber for more than 800 kilometers.

Melissa St. Laurent and her husband were scheduled to return from a trip to Florida last Sunday via San Antonio, but not everything went as planned.

She explains, “When we got to the airport, they had already told us that our flight had been cancelled, and that they had rebooked us on a new flight. Our flight was supposed to be at 2:30am, but it was delayed until 3:30am, then 4:30am.”

The flight was eventually canceled and the next day delays ensued again.

The couple was finally able to fly to New York on Tuesday.

But more delays and cancellations on Wednesday due to wildfire-related weather caused Quebecers to turn to the Uber option.

Ms St-Laurent says: “When our driver arrived we explained our story to him and then asked him to bring us to customs. He offered to take his passport to take us home.”

The total bill is $1,100 USD or $1,450 CAD.

She continued, “I called my insurance company and they told me to file my claim and sent me all the paperwork to deal with so that’s a different story.”

Melissa St. Laurent says she has fond memories of her trip.

“It just makes us nervous to travel again,” she says.

United Airlines declined our request for an interview on this subject.

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