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Pink October: More than 200 participants accept the challenge

Pink October: More than 200 participants accept the challenge

Neither the change of time nor the gloomy weather could stop the Itamboa and Sud-Essonian islands. At the invitation of the City Council and several partners (Crédit Mutuel, CAESE, La Centrale de Financement, District of Essonne, Étampes Athlétisme, Compagnie des Archers d’Étampes, Sycogest Immobilier, District of Ile-de-France, District of Essonne, Leclerc, UCPA, Association of Merchants of L’ Étampoise, etc.), the great event that concluded this month in apotheosis in the pink colors of October was full of participants, good humor and prevention for breast cancer screening on Sunday, October 20 .

As of 9am, the Health Village opened its doors to the Entertainment Island, once again with great cooperation between many players. The Essonne Cancer League, Essonne Cancer Screening Centre, firefighters from the Étampes Rescue Centre, Rotary Club, Halte-Répit 4A l’Escale, Lions Club, Adot 91 Association and Ateliers Santé were all present to inform and raise awareness about the different causes.

After warm-ups from Fitness ForMe and fast crowds from Rec Action and the Arabesque Technical Center, the first 8.4km race started strong at 10am with about a hundred participants. They were in the same number at 11:30 a.m. for the secondH Departures, each time presented by the president of the Isle de l’Isle, Gérard Hébert, surrounded by management consultant Guy Crosnier, the president of the Itamboa-Sud-Essonne caucus Johann Mittelhauser and several elected officials from Itamboa. “Like what we have already done for Blue Mars, it is great to see what we can achieve when we work together. This day is further evidence of the commitment of our city, Mayor Frank Marlin and residents to essential issues. Thank you very much everyone for your participation,” greeted Gérard Hébert.

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Referring to the process, Deputy Mayor Sana Abibou also enjoyed these precious moments: “It is magical to see all the positive energies, to feel this collective force that drives us. Étampes is a city of heart and commitment, as you all proved again today! »