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Brendan Gallagher is in financial difficulties

Brendan Gallagher is in financial difficulties

It is difficult to imagine the sadness that might reside in Brendan Gallagher's heart. A sadness that comes from the financial humiliation that accompanies every point he scores.

It seems that the weight of his salary weighs heavily on him, turning every personal achievement into a financial burden that is difficult to bear.

For Gallagher, each point scored costs team owner Jeff Molson $433,000. A number that, although less than teammate Josh Anderson's $458,000 per point cost, is still the subject of ridicule and criticism.

The most expensive cost per point. (Forwards only, minimum 36 points)

Anderson seems immune to ridicule.

The cruel irony lies in the fact that Gallagher also finds himself humiliated by Jonathan Drouin, a godsend in the NHL in terms of value for money.

Drouin, whose point cost Colorado just $33,000, has become a painful comparison point for Gallagher.

The sarcasm and ridicule pour in, turning Gallagher's life into a public ordeal where every goal and every pass becomes a cause for ridicule.

This delicate financial situation casts a harsh light on the world of the NHL, where contracts and salaries become a topic of discussion and comparison between players.

For Gallagher, who always gives his all on the ice, this harsh reality adds an extra layer of stress to his daily life.

It is important to remember that behind every statistic there is a human being with feelings and aspirations.

Brendan Gallagher's grief exposes the dark side of professional hockey, where a player's worth sometimes seems to come down to numbers rather than human qualities.

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