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Boulangerie Fashion: The "precious" castle in the flood zone

Boulangerie Fashion: The “precious” castle in the flood zone

While 400 homes have been demolished in the flood zone since then Historic Floods In the spring of 2019, the bakery owners separated themselves by building an 800m wall around the building.

This type of work is usually used in the manufacture of shipyards. To protect a building, a little has been done in Europe, but this is the first time , adds Bimbo Canada’s National Director of Engineering, Guimond Drouin.

This real castle will be one of the last remnants of downtown St. Mary’s, which will turn into a large urban park in the near future.

With the wall, the Gauls will be inside and we will evolve around it, but not like the Romans. We will be partnersMayor of Gaétan Vachon jokingly explains.

500 jobs saved at Beauce

fear of seeingA symbolic company leaving Beauce It was real in the aftermath of the 2019 floods. The historic flood caused extensive damage to the plant now owned by the Mexican company Bimbo.

The damage made people wonder if jobs would remain in the area. , recalls Mayor Gaetan Vachon.

Employees of Fashion Bakery in St. Mary’s were escorted by authorities during the spring of 2019.

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc-Antoine Lavoie

Ultimately, Bimbo invested $100 million in the bakery to repair the damage caused by the 2019 floods.

Bimbo strongly believes in the Vachon brand. She wants to develop the brand in the area and keep 500 jobs here, says Fashion Bakery Operations Director Guy La Rochelle.

« An investment like this confirms that we want to stay here. »

Quote from Guy La Rochelle, Director of Operations, Boulangerie Vachon

General Consultation

Specialized companies are currently looking into the future of downtown. Bicycle trails, hiking trails and cross-country skiing: all options are on the table.

It may even create small streams. We want to learn to love the river again, related to the mayor.

The specialist firms report should be completed in early 2022. The city then intends to conduct public consultations before deciding on which projects to select.

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