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Born at 21 weeks, he became the world's youngest premature baby

Born at 21 weeks, he became the world’s youngest premature baby

A baby from Alabama in the US born at 21 weeks and 1 day is the new record holder for the smallest premature baby in the world, beating his previous holder by 24 hours.

Born on July 5, 2020, Ms. Curtis and her twin sister were born four months before their due date. The baby weighed at birth less than a pound.

Unfortunately, the little boy did not survive and died the next day.

For his part, Cortes had to go through many hardships despite his young age. He was put on life support for about three months. In total, he spent 275 days in the hospital.

The baby was finally able to go home in April 2021 and get to know his three other siblings.

“Being able to finally bring him home and surprise my other kids with their younger brother is a moment I will always remember,” says Michael Butler, Curtis’ mother.

Dr. Brian Sims, a neonatologist at the University of Alabama, was the one who oversaw the delivery.

“I’ve been in this trade for over 20 years, but I’ve never seen a kid as young as Curtis,” he said.

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