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Marc Debray confides in the secrecy of Celine Dion's health condition

Marc Debray confides in the secrecy of Celine Dion’s health condition

guest on a group of Everyone is talking about it In the season finale, on Sunday evening, singer and host Mark Dupree was asked about the health of his mother-in-law Celine Dion.

When Celine Dion canceled a series of concerts recently, Guy A. Lepage tried to learn more from the host star Academy.

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Unfortunately, Mark Dupree didn’t have many details to offer to viewers, perhaps out of respect for the privacy of his father-in-law’s widow, Anne-Marie Angelil.

“I hope you’re doing well. No, we haven’t had much news lately. It started.”

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Celine Dion revealed that she is getting better in a video announcing the postponement of her concerts scheduled to take place in Europe this summer.

“I find it sad and hard for her not to be able to express herself on stage. She’s been doing it forever. For many health reasons I don’t know about, I don’t know. We haven’t talked much lately.”

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The singer spoke about this photo of Celine, which she posted today: Celine Dion shares a rare family photo

I saw a picture of her surrounded by her kids and I thought, That’s fine. It is well surrounded. When I was talking about family, in difficult times, you want your children.

“Well, you don’t have any more news from us after all?” asked Danny Turcot, who is back as a clown for the last of the season.

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“No, concluded Marc Debray. I wish him the best. I am all this like everyone else.”

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