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Billionaire, he still travels in economy class

Billionaire, he still travels in economy class

Kanye West He was spotted walking around Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday afterwardsNoon and let’s just say some fans were a little shocked.

Kanye stalking com clips

Subscribe to shrapnel strikes and other adventures, who makes happiness on social networks, Yee was no exception to the rule by taking a plane ride on Sunday, October 3. The Chicago rapper has already taken a flight from Los Angeles, and nothing unusual so far. But while we might be tempted to think she’s printing a private jet or she’s settling in business class, that’s by Simply sitting in economy class That rapper made his journey. This event made some passengers happy who got to know the star and took the opportunity to take pictures.

before boarding the plane, Take Kanye for a fun walk around the airport Taking pictures with fans, some were more famous than others.

According to testimony on social networks, some even managed to exchange a few words with the rapper, this is the case of Canadian singer Goody Grace, who states on Twitter. : “It’s not every day that you fly on a plane to start your first tour at the top of the list in three years and have a great conversation with a legend.”.

While that Kanye continues to dominate the top of the charts with his album Donda We know that the rapper will continue to be talked about this year, whether for his music or different ringtones. It remains only to know when the next great stroke of the American genius will be.