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Blues’ probable line-up for the first match against Australia

Fifteen of the world of zapping Shield of Brenes, XV of the Rose, World Cup 2023…

It’s now official, Fabian Caldi has unveiled the 42-player squad that has been called up to prepare for the autumn tour of the Marcoses. While several executives are on board, others are absent due to injury. In fact, not even Melvyn Jaminet, Arthur Vincent, François Cros, Gabin Villiere or Cyril Baille were in the game, and they had to follow the matches from the sofa.

The day after the list was announced, we took a look at the possibilities Fabian Calthie and his staff could line up against the Wallabies on November 5.

As for the pack of forwards, Jean-Baptiste Gros would logically take the place of Toulouse’s Cyril Bale, while Charles Allivon could move into the third row with the injury to François Gros.

At three quarters, Tomas Ramos will cover the back of the field in place of Melvin Jaminet and Yoram Mofana.

Likely line-up to face Australia:

1) Jean-Baptiste Gros
2) Julien Marchand
3) Uni Antonio
4) Cameron Vokey
5) Paul Willems
6) Anthony Zelonch
7) Charles Oliver
8) Gregory Aldrid
9) Antoine Dupont (.hat)
10) Romain Ntamac
11) Damien Benaud
12) Jonathan Dandy
13) Call Fico
14) Yoram Mofana
15) Thomas Ramos

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