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Blizzard in Colorado: A bus carrying 50 skiers is stuck overnight on the highway

Blizzard in Colorado: A bus carrying 50 skiers is stuck overnight on the highway

A bus carrying 50 skiers was stranded on the highway Wednesday evening due to a snowstorm that buried part of Colorado.

Police said the passengers, most of whom were retirees or mothers of school-going children, had to wait 16 hours for the bus that brought them back from the last ski day of the season to the Vail Ski Resort. Colorado Sun.

The skiers, who have taken this bus every Wednesday in the winter for years, didn't let it dampen their spirits, but they were impatient to leave.

“We're in good spirits,” said Mary Wagner, one of the skaters. “But we're tired now.”

The bus returned on Wednesday around 3:30 pm, but just 10 minutes after departure, the mishaps began. It was already snowing when the car had to stop due to a parked car.

When the bus tried to restart, the transmission overheated on an uphill incline. A tow truck pulled the vehicle over to drop it a little further away. The bus continued its journey until 11:30 pm to change the driver.

Just 30 minutes later, east of Idaho Springs, the storm captured all vehicles and the entire highway was halted. As of Thursday morning, the bus operated by Arrow Stage Lines had not moved.

“It's been 16 hours and we have no indication of a possible movement or departure,” one skier said. “The toilets are full and the water is running out.”

A lucky few were able to take advantage of the double seating to rest, but most skiers had to make do with a single seat during their endless wait, albeit in the comfort of a fireplace.

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