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Bézier: New exhibition space for Hero by Hervé de Rosa

Bézier: New exhibition space for Hero by Hervé de Rosa

The Hervé-Di-Rosa space was added yesterday to the Claude-Nougaro Amphitheater and the Michel-Galabru Theater on the Bayssan County Stage, in Béziers.

“I’m not as well known as them and I’m still alive. But it pleases me that I remain a humble artist”, Laughs painter Hervé de Rosa. In this space allotted to him, he realized Herault’s dreamsFive panels evoke the department (a team of grape-pickers diving under the Mediterranean) and the estate’s environment (the lush gardens).

We also discover a rugby match with a colorful crowd crammed into the stands: a hub of extravagant and lovable characters who fill the legends of De Rosa, Rene, Raymond, and other fluffy monsters with bulging eyes. “What matters to me in rugby is the audience, a slice of humanity,” Captivates the artist whose imagination matches the themes of this commission.

Do Grand de Rosa

“I didn’t need to force the line.” However, the large figures (3 x 2 metres, and even more for rugby) reflect real ambition. Hervé de Rosa made use of the reservation in his studio in Lisbon to improve the highly organized works, in minute detail, in vivid colours.

Here the grapes are many faces and the starfish has luscious lips. An abundance of insects and plants provides a tropical atmosphere for the gardens. From the great de Rosa.

Sculpture representing the entrance to Espace Hervé de Rosa. You have to go visit it!

Free admission from Wednesday to Sunday (from 2 pm to 6 pm).