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Below is the percentage of videos that are sponsored on TikTok

Below is the percentage of videos that are sponsored on TikTok

Nearly a third of videos on TikTok contain sponsored content. This includes not only ads, but also partner content, sponsored videos or own promotional videos. For some of these videos, it’s not clearly indicated to users that they’re sponsored content.

On TikTok we find all kinds of discoveries, tips, filters, dances, strange theories, various trends, original hobbies, funny videos, recipes, more or less dangerous challenges and much more. The app is also famous for the viral music and songs that can be heard there.

However, it seems that More and more sponsored content is found among this mass. This is the conclusion of a study he conductedFrom the inside. This news site had two journalists watch a total of 1,000 TikTok videos for three hours via its “For You” page.

  • They categorized them into six categories: organic, unsponsored content, affiliate content, sponsored content, traditional advertising, self-promotion of a company or product, and product reviews.
  • These last five categories can all be considered advertising.
  • In total, about one in three videos users watch on TikTok fall into these categories.

Tik Tok store

Recently, TikTok has significantly expanded the possibilities for companies and entrepreneurs to advertise through their website. Thus, TikTok wants to increasingly become an e-commerce platform and increase its revenue.

  • It does this in particular with the TikTok Shop and affiliate programs.
    • Through this, influencers can earn commission on the products they advertise in videos on TikTok.
    • Users can click on the link below these videos on TikTok which takes them directly to that item in the TikTok Store.
    • This system naturally encourages influencers to add more and more affiliate links to their videos.
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Ads in videos on TikTok

  • In addition, TikTok also displays more traditional ads. Recently, it has also been included in search results.
  • On the other hand, the company is testing a paid subscription without ads. If this pays off, users will likely still see a lot of sponsored and affiliate content, but not traditional in-video ads on TikTok.