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Battlefield 2042 is free on Xbox this weekend

Battlefield 2042 is free on Xbox this weekend

This weekend, Xbox Live users will be able to play Battlefield 2042 Free. DICE’s new shooter was released in November and has already received big discounts. Battlefield 2042 It received a negative reception from fans and critics alike after a rough launch filled with bugs and disappointing content. DICE has already released a number of fixes for the game, with more in the works along with new seasonal content.

It was recently reported that Battlefield 5 The number of players was more than Battlefield 2042 at Christmas, although the previous game was released several years ago and also received a negative reception at launch. Many criticized the game for not meeting the standards of some of the best battlefield games like 3 And 4. Although it was heralded as a throwback to the series’ modern times, it didn’t impress and left many people craving for more DICE. However, Dice does not give up.

For those who haven’t played the game yet, Xbox will offer Battlefield 2042 As one of his titles “Free Play Days” January 6-9. This is just a beta version, so players will not be able to keep the game after this weekend unless they purchase it. The entire game will be available during this time, so there are no restrictions on the free trial. The game is also available at a $20 discount on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, so those who love the game can grab it for a discount. Battlefield 2042Season 1 is still months away, so players will have to wait a bit to get some new content.

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It’s unclear if this is a sign of declining sales for what was set to be EA’s biggest title in 2021 or if it’s just a post-holiday boost. Call of Duty: Vanguard It also got a free multiplayer trial soon after its release, leading some to believe the game isn’t flying off the shelves. Since corporate sales numbers aren’t usually released outside of investor calls, unless the game performs massively, it probably isn’t clear how far these titles have fared.

It has been reported Battlefield 2042 It sold well in the initial release, but it’s unclear how those sales have translated into numbers for long-term players. Given that December had only a few notable releases, NPD’s sales charts for December 2021 should give an idea of ​​how the game will be pushed back during the holidays. Yes Battlefield 2042 It can’t win back players with its upcoming updates, which could put the Global Series in a serious bind. Although some fans have returned to Battlefield 5It was too little, too late to count. With a bit of luck, Battlefield 2042 You will not suffer the same fate.

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