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AVANCH: The Tep-Scan, a tool to fight cancer, will be installed in the hospital

AVANCH: The Tep-Scan, a tool to fight cancer, will be installed in the hospital

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PET scan at Saint-Malo Hospital © Archives – Illustrations

the toe (positron emission tomography) to surveya high-tech scanner, will be installed from here 2025 On the Avranches website Avranches Granville Hospital Center. Together with two young colleagues, Dr. Johan Vandeviver, a physician specializing in nuclear medicine, is part of the Médecine Nucléaire Manche Normandie health collaboration group, which was at the origin of the project. “This modern medical imaging device makes it possible to determine glucose consumption in the body in three dimensions. In general, the tumor You consume too much glucose. It is an important tool in the diagnosis of cancer and allows the evaluation of cancer for the whole body, ”explains the doctor. The scanner, along with a positron emission tomography scan, shows the anatomical shape of the body in 3D. “By adding glucose consumption and the anatomical structure, PET scan, of the body, we are able to obtain an accurate assessment of the precancerous disease,” adds the specialist. Tep Scan will be the second machine, with Cherbourg, to be installed in the department.

“The South and the Middle Manche are areas with an elderly population, which explains the high incidence of cancer that justifies this infrastructure…”

Cooperation between the public and private sectors

Thus, this project is possible thanks to the creation of a group of health collaborations behind several health actors province : liberal doctors and the public hospital sector withAvranches Granville Hospital, Saint-Lô Hospital, W.L Caen University Hospital.

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In addition, an examination room is provided in this building for tomography single photon emission. This technology has proven to be very useful in OncologyDiseases of the heart, bones, kidneys, lungs, thyroid gland diseases …

The center is also preparing for targeted therapies for cancer cells Thanks to the injection of certain radioactive products. The Avranches Hospital has a large urological center where prostate cancer is treated. This targeted internal radiotherapy can complement the current treatment regimen for metastatic cancers. Our application to the Regional Health Agency is supported by all cancer specialists and radiotherapists in the region. »

Construction cost: 4 million euros

The future building will be built on the site Avranches Hospital, instead of the building that hosted it internal. This would be destroyed, but three swallows’ nests are on the site. If the project was previously authorized drill (Regional Department of Environment), artificial nests will be installed as compensation.

“The building permit has been issued. There are two months from possible appeal. If there is no opposition to the permit, the site must start in September-October.

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The cost of building the building: 4 million euros. Financing is possible through Territory Bank and the postal bank And with the guarantee of the Mont-Saint-Michel-Normandie agglomeration society.

The new building will 600 m2 It will be built on two floors. He concludes, “To achieve energy efficiency, we use geothermal energy and solar panels.”

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