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Australia's single Test draw against India ends in a draw as tourists leave late Cricket News

Australia’s single Test draw against India ends in a draw as tourists leave late Cricket News

Ellis Perry is the first Australian in his 50s to score four consecutive Tests

The late attempt by the Indian women to decide the only Test against Australia was in vain.

After limiting Australia to 136 for 241-9 in the first innings, the tourists were delighted to be satisfied with a one-point share as they qualified for the final session when they demanded a second.

But at 135-3, captain Mithali Raj called up his batsmen, setting Australia a nominal target of 272 and giving their bowlers 32 overs to take 10 home wickets under the lights.

Despite two first improvements, there really did not seem to be any end, and after 15 overs a save was called 36-2 with Australia.

The draw — and two points — on the Gold Coast, after winning two of the two ODIs in the upcoming T20 Internationals on October 7, 9 and 10, gives Australia a 6-4 lead in the multi-format series.

A stalemate always ends on the final day of the day-night game, although Australia still needed 85 points to cross the trailing score as they recovered 143-4.

There were some nerves to that score, and the five wickets from 208-4 fell to 32, but the 89 partnership between Ashley Gardner and record-breaking Elise Perry finally brought them close enough.

Perry, who took two lives at the end of the inning and previously escaped a steady forward foot scream, became the first Australian woman to make four consecutive attempts in her 50s as she finished unbeaten at 68. Century in form for Gardner (51). She also got a big relief – Rajeswari Kayakwad bowling alley was dropped by Pooja Vastra after she scored 20 runs.

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Gardner took half the lead shortly after hitting his benchmark, causing tension to the home side. 10th teenager Darcy Brown took Australia beyond 227 overs by four runs.

McLanning said quickly, and Shafali Verma (52) followed suit seven times in the final session of the second session following his best debut in tryout cricket with a third fifty in four innings.

Punam Rawat’s quick unbeaten 41st knock off India after Verma’s first loss in the Georgia Warhoom Test gave the visiting bowlers a chance for a significant victory.

They represented Australian openers Alyssa Healy and Beth Mooney in 10 overs, but with Perry returning to Greece in parallel to Lanning, it was a signal for both captains to acknowledge the inevitability.

Smriti Mandana, who scored 377-8 in India’s first innings, was named man of the match.