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Australians protest against Aboriginal law reform

Australians protest against Aboriginal law reform

Australians will go to the polls on October 14. Polls show that 60% of them oppose the plan.

The reform will be put to a vote on October 14. Hundreds of people gathered in Sydney’s Hyde Park to protest.the voice», a proposed amendment to the Australian Constitution aimed at giving the island’s first inhabitants, Aboriginal people, the right to be consulted on policies that affect them.

I’m here because everyone should vote no“. “This is “the voice” Causes multiple divisions across Australia. And we don’t need itsaid protester Fay Bevan. Some held placards with slogans likeDon’t vote for the voice of division“and”I don’t believe the voice and I vote no“.

4% of the population

The Sydney rally was not part of the main campaign against the project, but was organized in collaboration with Australian pro-Putin activist Simeon Boikov, “”Australian Cossack“. The activist stood out during the Covid pandemic for his opposition to government measures against vaccination and incarceration. A prominent group campaigning against reform, “Fair Australia», abstained from these demonstrations.

Aborigines, who represent less than 4% of Australia’s population 200 years after British colonisation, statistically have shorter life expectancies and less education than their compatriots. But a proposed constitutional review aimed at giving Aboriginal people more say in policies affecting their communities appears to be in trouble: recent polls show around 60% of Australians oppose the reform, compared with 40% in favor. The situation has reversed compared to last year. Opponents say it would provide benefits to Aboriginal people while adding unnecessary bureaucracy. They also complain of a lack of transparency in the implementation of the reform.

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