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Australia, too expensive for “backpackers”.

Michel von Düsterlho is a 26-year-old German who is traveling to Australia on a PVT (Working Holiday Scheme) visa, allowing him to work and tour. “No more shelters!” laments that. The special WHV visa attracts many young people to the country. However, Explain Tea security guard, Many hostels and budget hotels have closed as a result of the pandemic, and recovery has been tentative.

Hannah Puel is from the Netherlands. She cannot book accommodation: “I was thinking about a road trip, but I don’t know if it’s possible with the cost of fuel and the need to pay for lodging along the way.” Other backpackers are forced to do sofa surfing, That means staying with the locals.
“Many had to find work much sooner than originally planned to cover expenses” A British newspaper mentions.

Australian accommodation association YHA has raised prices due to rising demand. This could worsen in the coming months as tourists arrive to enjoy the Australian summer and young people with WHV arrive. But the YHA wants to transform itself to attract new customers, mainly digital nomads, and it has established co-working spaces in several hostels.

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