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Australia: Saves his skin by biting a crocodile

Australia: Saves his skin by biting a crocodile


Caught by the crocodile, it counterattacks by biting it

A farmer who was the target of a reptile attack last month in Northern Province has survived with a tear in his eyelid. He survived with a serious leg injury.


The animal was 4 meters long and liked to drag its victim underwater. (Archive)


Northern Territory cattle farmer Colin Devereaux had to go to the Finnis River to repair a fence. On the way, a sixty-year-old man stopped by a lake where he noticed fish behaving strangely. “The water receded and there was just a muddy mass in the middle,” the Australian said ABC News. Colin took two steps into the lake when an alligator grabbed his foot. “He grabbed me tightly, shook me like a rag doll and dragged me into the water,” she testified. Determined not to let go, the farmer began hitting the animal’s ribs with his free leg.

In doing so, Colin tried everything by biting reptiles. “I was in a really impossible position … but by chance, my teeth closed on his eyelid. It was as thick as leather, but I gave a sharp pull to his eyelid and he let it go,” says the Australian. According to Colin, who estimates the duration of the fight at eight seconds. Everything happened very quickly. After breaking free from the crocodile, the sixty-year-old man rushed to his vehicle. “He chased me for about 4 meters and then stopped,” he says.

The farmer had a tourniquet applied to his injured leg and was taken to a hospital in Darwin, 130 kilometers away. Miracle has been in the hospital for a month now, but he will soon be able to return to the fresh air. Due to the abundance of bacteria in the murky water of the lake, his leg became seriously infected. Although he says he’s lucky to still be alive, Colin sees things differently now. “I had to change my activity. I spent a lot of time mending fences in this swamp. It opened my eyes,” he concludes.

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