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Australia regained their colors against Georgia

Australia regained their colors against Georgia

Posted by Franck Guidicelli, Media365 on Saturday, September 9, 2023 at 8:06 pm.

Australia, mired in a sporting crisis that could not be deeper, revived its colors in its first Rugby World Cup match against Georgia (35-15) this Saturday.

Facing Georgia’s nervousness through the stakes, Australia knew how to be serious to secure an easy win (35-15). However, Eddie Jones still has work ahead of him to turn his team into title contenders. At Georgia, he missed the meet because he was too undisciplined and inaccurate to believe anything but failure. However, he showed some interesting things down the line, but we need to be more efficient in all areas of the game.

Australia asserts itself

Arriving in France with no certainty, the Australians, who have struggled for months, will be looking to assert themselves going into this World Cup against Georgia. The Georgian team approached this match with ambition and intent to play spoilsports in Pool C. The suspense didn’t last long, however, as the Wallabies scored a quick try thanks to Petaya at the end of the line. A lot of work for his forward (5-0.3rd). A quick unconverted effort prompted the Georgians to react quickly and Matkawa brought his team to within two points on a penalty (5-3, 6th). We expected a close contest then, but the Georgians’ indiscipline made the job of the Australians a lot easier, as Navaganitawase (9th) scored a quick try. Ben Donaldson missed several offers by the Georgians to increase the score on penalties (14th, 21st, 31st). The Australians were content with long barren kicks and didn’t have to force their skills to bring a Georgian team to their knees after a first-period winless in chaining stages of the game. To make matters worse, Miriani Modebatse picked up a yellow card just before half-time. Eddie Jones’ protégés returned to the locker room with a favorable score (21-3) after a solid performance in a game-wise lackluster first period. 37th) who have to follow the concussion protocol and therefore may miss the next Wallabies matches.

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Donaldson works

Back from the locker room, the Georgians have other intentions and finally decide to play their game. They managed to shake off the Australians and were rewarded with a try from Ivanishvili (47th). An unconverted effort kept Georgia’s comeback hopes alive (21-8, 47th). It was the Georgians who continued to trouble the Australian defense who were content to do little until the turn of the match. Niniashvili hits the full axis on the counter-attack, but he forgets his teammates, delays and eventually clears the ball that ends up in Dubou’s hands. It serves to Donaldson, who is launched and goes for a try (58th). Donaldson is converted and Australia can take a quiet look at the end of the match. Just when they thought they might turn back, the Georgians, stunned by this error, multiplied their errors and turned back. Donaldson scored a double on the receiving end of a nice jump pass from Gordon (70th). Tabutsadze and his legs of fire almost allowed Georgia to close the gap, but each time the Georgian number 14 did not go for lack of clarity in his action. Almost on the way, Kikashvili scored one more try, so the bill will be less salty, but Georgia can regret that they missed their match and lost logically (35-15). For Australia, the deal was successfully completed with an aggressive bonus, but there is still a lot of work to do as the returned copy is not exemplary. However, Eddie Jones will no doubt be content with that before facing Fiji on September 17. For Georgia, the next step is against Portugal on September 23.

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