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Australie - Novak Djokovic :

Australia – Novak Djokovic: “Good signs but nothing official” #AusOpen #Tennis #Djokovic #Covid #Novak #ATP

case Novak Djokovic Start making noise again Australia. Last January, theE went to Serbia Melbourne Before finally being caught at his entrance and then expelled from the country. Can I get a visa to play this year? good question. Unvaccinated people can now enter the country but Confusion over his true/false exemption from vaccination resulted in a three-year ban from entering Australia. LSo the Serb hopes to have his sanction revoked. But it’s not to everyone’s taste Karen-Andrew, former Home Minister. “It would be a slap in the face to those who did the right thing in Australia if Novak Djokovic were suddenly allowed back into the country.“He started.

Novak Djokovic was eliminated last January

“I am still motivated and hope the response will be positive”

In an interview with Serbian media, Noll expressed interest in playing in Melbourne and, without official approval, believed to have positive information. “Australia… we have good signs, but not all official. Through my lawyers in Australia, we communicate, I mean, they actually communicate with the authorities and government bodies responsible for my case. Looking forward to any reply. Of course, I believe in positivity. I hope to have an answer in the next few weeks, which will allow me to prepare well for the start of the season (…) I want to go, even if this possible departure is completely different compared. It happened this year. However, I want to overcome everything that happened and play tennis. I know how to do it better. Australia has always been the country where I’ve played my best tennis and it shows in the results, so I’m still motivated to go there. This time I am more motivated and hope the response will be positive“, he declared.

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“Above all, I have never tried to offend anyone or be disrespectful in any way. I have always tried to show that it is important for everyone to have rights and freedom of choice.”

Joko Then continued. “For some reason there are people who think I shouldn’t go. I respect that everyone thinks in different ways about my situation and the circumstances in which I found myself and the circumstances in which I find myself. After all, I never tried to offend anyone or disrespect anyone in any way. I have always tried to show that it is important for everyone to have rights and freedom of choice. I knew there would be consequences for the choices I made, like not going to America. That’s it. It was a different case for Australia because I had permission, but what happened in the end. We know the epilogue. This time, I am again waiting for this authorization. Thankfully they are now opening the borders to Australia for unvaccinated people. I have this ban on entering the country, but I hope it will be lifted. I repeat, it is not in my hands. I hope the people of Australia will give a positive response, that’s all.