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Australia: An airline asks its executives to work as baggage handlers

Australia: An airline asks its executives to work as baggage handlers

The airline Qantas is in the midst of a crisis and has had to cancel several flights due to a shortage of ground staff. The management asked company executives to work as porters.

Work on the road

The Airlines Facing a labor shortage after the pandemic Covid-19. In AustraliaMany flights were cancelled Qantas Due to lack of ground staff.
Faced with this situation, the management asked the senior managers of the company to work Baggage handlersrelated to Le Figaro. Thus, he offered to leave the offices to work in Dharsalai. In an internal memo, sent AustralianChief Operating Officer Qantas, Colin Hughes provided more details on the proposal.
He pointed out that senior managers occupy the handling position at airports Sydney And Melbourne Three to five days a week, on a voluntary basis.

A to-do list

Administrators are looking for 100 people. “You will receive a work list, an activity schedule and you will be monitored by our ground handling partners“, clarified Colin Hughes. The latter emphasized that the participants did not have to combine this role with their regular tasks. No information has yet been provided on how many executives have responded to the proposal. The newspaper contacted the company Qantas He declined to comment.


A spokesperson for the company declared that their operational performance did not meet customer expectations or the standards they expected of themselves. Australian Air Transport.
In 2021, Qantas The pandemic laid off about 2,000 ground staff. The dismissals were found by the country’s Federal Court to be partly in breach of Australian law, but the company has appealed. As a result, recruitment is facing problems.
Additionally, the company achieved its worst performance in June 2022 in its history. Almost half of the flights were delayed or canceled and many bags were lost or damaged.
The airline is also facing strikes by ground staff over pay and working condition demands.

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