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Import and export of cars: United Kingdom, EU's largest customer;  Turkey, preferred supplier

Import and export of cars: United Kingdom, EU’s largest customer; Turkey, preferred supplier

So the UK is the EU’s top car customer. What is more logical for this former member of the Union is that most of the models marketed on its territory are produced by European factories. But the 980,362 units shipped to the British Isles in 2021 represent a 25% decline from the previous year. This should be seen as a sign of a shortage and slowdown in the supply of new vehicles.

Next was the US with 648,127 cars exported (-5.3%), followed by China with 410,917 units (+3.9%). There are two Eastern European countries in the top 10: Serbia, with 122,001 units, and Ukraine, which imported a record 209,733 cars last year! The latter two, essentially turning to small cars and second-hand cars, form a gateway to other eastern markets. They disappear from the top 10 in terms of export value, where the stage is slightly different: the United States (25.59 million euros) leads the United Kingdom (21.73 million euros) and China (21. €17 million).

Exports are more than imports

In 2021, the EU exported a total of 5.1 million vehicles, and imported 3.1 million vehicles. For the latter, the main supplier of the old continent is Turkey. It may be surprising, but many manufacturers (Fiat, Toyota, Renault, Hyundai-Kia, etc.) have production plants in the country, which explains 458,769 imports. China follows with 435,080 vehicles. These are not only national brand vehicles, many manufacturers no longer hesitate to produce vehicles for Europe: Polestar, MG, DS (9), Volvo (S90), but also Tesla (Model 3). Japan rounds out the podium with 401,276 imported units.

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