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Australia - A-League Men 2022: Melbourne is blue

Australia – A-League Men 2022: Melbourne is blue

On the evening of the second day of the championship, short revivals were underwhelming, with Melbourne standing in the two-blues lead of Victory, confirming the hope that victory would already be a candidate for the title again.

Warren Moon and The Brisbane roar Didn’t like the start of the championship. Again, the Queensland men fell on one face Melbourne wins Tony Popovic Sauce Lightning Counter Attacker and incredible talent in front of goal. Because it is Success Injury attack weapons and above all, one can rely on iron defenses. Last season, this micro defensive screen conceded sixty goals and as of the date of the match, the 2018 Australian champions have already conceded not a single goal. With a receipt ofAdelaide United, The club can already tick three consecutive wins for the first time since December 2018!

The task on the face will not be easy Adelaide United Opponent of the outgoing champion this weekend Melbourne City FC. The Reds conceded two goals, including a fancy one from Andrew Nabout, who had a sharp on / off secret. However, the champion put himself to sleep and then got caught up in the score, especially a small rise from the goalkeeper. Adelaide United To Red Came back and took the draw point (2-2). A missed short hike, it’s like In Newcastle In the second goal Wanderers. Have to say in between West Sydney Wanderers And this Jets in Newcastle, Is healthier to be behind airline pilots than wanderers in western Sydney. In sports and in the mind Jet planes Despite the strength of the opponent was excellent (Tomar Hemet, Dmitry Petrados, Terry Antonis). Arthur Babas now shows us where he wants to take his players. There are still a lot of scandals as we know the profile of the young players or some he has, but the idea is clear. This good thing taken in Sydney is a testament to that. For his part, Carl Robinson talked about his players’ lack of fighting ability, but the Welsh technician pushed for two seasons to explain the lack of play provided by his team on his eleven men. The breakdown may be quick.

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Elsewhere in the Australian prairies, Daniel Sturridge never traveled to Melbourne. Tony Sage (owner) explained the player’s “reluctance” to take part in a multi-hour flight. Shame on Australia’s farthest club. However, Tony Pignata (club director) delayed the new star of the championship. Yes, he did not come. No, he did not hesitate. This event is a non-game protocol. Fifteen days after his arrival, the player is not in form and the club wants to leave him at home to find the rhythm. Former striker Liverpool His allies were narrowly defeated West United On a lucky goal: Connor jumps to his left side in pain, the ball grazing the goal exit (with a hair), passing between Brad Jones’s post and his hips before finishing his race on the back of the net pushed by Dylan. Wenzel-Halls, good place (1-0).

Finally, Wellington Phoenix Thirteen games unbeaten after a beautiful win against Central Coast Marines. Further north, in Sydney, The Bulls From McCarthy Celebrated three points against Sydney FC (1-0) Before welcoming their new defender, Anglo-Jamaica, Adrian Mariappa.

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Antoine Blanchet-Quérin

Author: Antoine Blanchet-Quérin

Australian football correspondent (Socceroos, A-League, FFA Cup, NPL) Lucarne Opposée in France.

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