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Divorce is legalized between Barbados and the United Kingdom

Divorce is legalized between Barbados and the United Kingdom

By Lily Ariadne | 12/01/2021 at 2:33 pm | Updated 12/01/2021 at 2:57 pm

Queen Elizabeth II officially lost her presidency on Monday evening, November 29th. The small island became the Republic of Barbados.

The island, which has gained independence from the UK since 1966, celebrated Republican rule with a ceremony attended by Prince Charles. The island’s icon, Rihanna, also attended the ceremony and was honored with the title of National Heroine of Barbados. For the British newspaper The Guardian, this is the difference. “Coincides with the transformation of the country into an independent republic. “

Like most former British colonies, Barbados remains a member of the Commonwealth. Only 15 of the 54 member states, including Canada, Australia and New Zealand, still retain the Queen as head of state. This change is so important to the Barbados that the curfew order has been suspended due to the epidemic so that residents can enjoy the festivities and appreciate the many fireworks that explode for the event.

Conflicting relationship

Despite that ” Divorce “There will be Barbados and the United Kingdom,” Boris Johnson said in a statement. Loyal friends and associates “With some” Lasting relationships and connections .

But on the other hand, Barbados is not ready to start such a peaceful relationship with the United Kingdom. The questions of racism and imperialism are crucial in its decision to become a republic, and the island is still marked by centuries of tradition of slavery. Prince Charles’ invitation to the ceremony and his decoration with the island’s highest honor, the Order of Liberty, have already been widely criticized. “ The British royal family were guilty of exploitation, but they did not offer an official apology or compensation for past wrongdoings. ினா Christina Hinds, Professor of International Relations explains to the world.

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And many countries are surprised

While many of the Commonwealth countries have already relinquished state power, the rest of the world is beginning to consider resigning. The debate has been going on in Jamaica for ten years and is provoking both Australians and Canadians. According to a research co-op, in March, 45% of Canadians prefer a head of state to a queen, while 62% of Australians are ready to leave the British monarchy.