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Fresh strike by train drivers affects rail traffic

Fresh strike by train drivers affects rail traffic

Nine regional operators are concerned by this social movement launched at the invitation of Aslef trade union. The country’s railway employees had already participated in a historic strike last June.

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A strike by train drivers in the United Kingdom on Saturday, August 13 caused major disruption to rail traffic. The Aslef union’s strike call concerns nine regional operators. Some have canceled their transport Like Heathrow Express (in English)It serves London’s largest airport.

Aslef justified this action (in English) As a measure “Last Attempt” Faced with the refusal of their employers and the government, he accused them of sending money to pay for the wage hikes he demanded. The union says drivers have not been given a raise for three years “unacceptable” At a time when the UK is in a severe cost of living crisis.

Inflation is already above 9% and the central bank predicts it will be above 13% in the autumn, with energy bills set to take their second massive hike this year. Operators say they are willing to offer hikes in exchange for reforms to the status of railway workers. The government, for its part, is calling for moderation, citing massive public assistance to keep private operators afloat, especially during the lockdown linked to Covid-19.

Faced with an unprecedented fall in household purchasing power, social movements are on the rise in the UK. In transport, railway workers continued a historic strike in June, followed by regular action, two of which are still planned for next week at the invitation of the RMT union.

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Another example of this “summer of discontent” is strikes planned in the coming days or weeks on the London Underground, at the postal group Royal Mail, at telecoms operator BT, or by group journalists. Other newspapers Daily Mirror And Daily Express.