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Australia 2024: Artist Revealed March 6!

Australia 2024: Artist Revealed March 6!

Australia has remained radio silent on its plans for Eurovision 2024 until now, with the nation of the Kangaroos' tenth participation officially announced just weeks ago. Today, the veil begins to lift!

Despite being re-invited by the EBU to compete, SBS (the Australian broadcaster) has the art of maintaining mystery over its intentions, and to say so is an understatement, evidence of which lies in information about its finances. We don't know if Australia will again select its representative through internal selection, as it did last year. point of returnAustralia decides So, much to the consternation of Eurofans (and your editor of the day, who really liked the design).

But on February 15, SBS has the first information to share with us, and not least! The broadcaster gives us See you on Wednesday, March 6 To find out the identity of the person who will defend Australia's colors at Eurovision 2024.

As Guy Sebastian, Tommy In and Isaiah were officially announced as Australian candidates only in the first week of March, the broadcaster seems to have some options for that period.

Now the question that continues to burn the Euro world's lips and enliven its heated debates is: Who will carry the colors of the Triad flag in Malmö?

If the rumor goes around, it has been denied so far, starting with Dannii Minogue. emphatically quoted in person, Kylie's sister (and author of Success I'm starting to wonder) compress it into the microphone Kyle and Jackie Oand categorically denied a possible application for the contest, citing in particular his doubts about his age and the strength required to tackle the Eurovision marathon.

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Eurofans are also discussing the possible choice of former participants Australia decides – Like last year's Voyager – Electric Fields (2019), Casey Donovan (2020) or Jaguar Jones (2020, 2022), Names mentioned by our sisters and brothers wiwiblogs.

Only three weeks to go until SBS clears the suspense over Australia's representative at Eurovision 2024!