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CAN 2023 / Embassy of Côte d'Ivoire in the United Kingdom brings to life the final for the Ivorian community in London

CAN 2023 / Embassy of Côte d'Ivoire in the United Kingdom brings to life the final for the Ivorian community in London

Organized by the Embassy of Ivory Coast in the United Kingdom, the CAN Village culminated on Sunday February 11, 2024. That day, unconditional supporters besieged the embassy compound to support their team and win the 34th Africa Cup of Nations final. Cup of Nations.

As the twelfth human of Ivory Coast's elephants, the Ivorian community and elephant supporters of all nationalities met at the CAN Village on the embassy compound. Although they had moments of fear and doubt after the opening score by Nigeria's Super Eagles, they believed in their national team, supported them, with prayers and songs, with a firm belief that the trophy was in Abidjan. This confidence would be strengthened as the match progressed with goals from Frank Kessie in the 62nd minute and Sebastian Haller in the 81st minute to make it 2-1.

Naturally, jubilation and relief erupted at the CAN Village organized by the Ivory Coast Embassy in the United Kingdom at the final whistle of the referee at the final of the 34th edition of the Coupe d'Ivoire Africa of Nations football. . Spontaneously, the supporters, delighted to see the national team win the final, gave a rousing cheer to the elephants, the technical staff, but especially President Alassane Ouattara. Acknowledging the victory, the ambassador paid tribute to President Alassane Ouattara for all the efforts put into the organization of this CAN, which according to everyone was the best CAN ever organized. He expressed the feelings of deep joy and great pride that this new continental coronation of elephants brings to Ivorians especially those living in the United Kingdom, where young prodigies Simon Adingra, Cheri Jean Michel, Willy Boule, Sangare Ibrahim among many other Ivorian professionals are playing. And team captain Serges Aurier. He praised the exceptional mobilization of Ivorians to support their national team throughout the tournament. For his part, the head of the Ivorian diaspora thanked the embassy for the initiative of the CAN village and Ivory Coast for all the facilities that allowed the team to follow all the matches in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

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The impromptu party continued late into the night with the most listened to hits during this edition of CAN.

To close this CAN village, Mr. Amani Sara was accompanied by his colleagues who responded to his call, namely Ambassador Ali Toure, Permanent Representative of Côte d'Ivoire to international organizations responsible for food products. The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to the United Kingdom in London, Mr. Mr. Hakeem Hajau, Ambassador of the Republic of Cameroon to the United Kingdom.

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