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In Australia, kangaroos try to drown dogs

In Australia, kangaroos try to drown dogs

But what else is going on in Australia? After the Wildcats Poisoned by killer robots or discovery Giant spiders, violent animal attacks plague the country. There are reports of kangaroos attacking domestic dogs Direct science.

The latest attack was filmed. In pictures shared on social media last October, a kangaroo stands in water and tries to drown a dog. This animal is Hutchie, Mick Moloney's partner. The former police officer was out searching for his dog near the Murray River in the south of the island when he came across the scene.

“I saw A kangaroo (…) with his hands in the water, looking at me,” he told an Australian television channel 7 messages. “Hutchie gasped, mouth watering and screaming.” Seeing his companion in grave danger, the man jumps into the water to come and save him. After some discussion between him and his assailant, he pulled Hutchie out of the water, safe and sound.

These attacks have already happened in 2020 and 2014, and the process is always the same: drowning the dog by a kangaroo. What's going on in your head Marsupials Becoming a serial idiot?

Actually, these are Animals in spring Constantly attacked by dingoes. Also known as Warrigal, these wild dogs feed on birds, reptiles and kangaroos. These (…)

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