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Attack while hunting: A teenager saves his father by punching a bear in the face

Attack while hunting: A teenager saves his father by punching a bear in the face

A bear hunting party almost turned into a tragedy on Monday in Sweden after a surprise attack, had it not been for the courage of the teenager, who would have taken revenge by punching the animal in the face, so that his father could escape free from his clutches. .

“It’s really unusual for something like this to happen – but here something was wrong,” Swedish fisherman Johnny Joblum, who runs a local culling operation and knows the father-son duo well, told TT, according to The Independent on Tuesday. .

To control large bear numbers, Swedish authorities have allowed hunters to kill up to 649 bears on their soil this year – the most in decades, British media said.

On Monday, a father and son, who did not reveal their identities, were trailing a female weighing about 308 pounds in Leusdal, Sweden, when the animal suddenly chose to attack the man in his 40s, resulting in a facial laceration, according to the hunter.

At the time, his son allegedly attacked the bear by punching the beast in the face, which distracted the bear long enough to allow the 40-year-old to free itself and pull him out. However, the bear had time to bite the teenager on the wrist, fracturing it in the process.

The Independent said the duo had been airlifted to hospital with serious injuries, but this would not endanger their lives.

He added, “He’s a strong, mentally tough guy and he’ll handle it well. I think more about the well-being of his son,” continued Johnny Goblum, who in the 40s would ask him to tend to his trophy catch.

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