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Iran bans women in ads after 'controversial' excerpts

Iran bans women in ads after ‘controversial’ excerpts

After broadcasting a “controversial” advertisement featuring an Iranian woman eating ice cream, Iran’s Ministry of Culture decided to ban women from appearing in advertisements broadcast in the country.

In the excerpt, a hijab-wearing woman can be seen enjoying a Magnum sundae, much to the chagrin of the Islamic leaders in the republic, according to the India Times.

The ministry, via a press release, informed private companies that women will no longer be allowed to appear in advertisements.

Iranian women are required to wear a headscarf in public, which seems to command the actress’s respect.

Even the most extreme in the Islamic Republic of Iran demanded the prosecution of the ice cream maker responsible for distributing Magnum in Iran, Domino’s.

They referred to the company’s portrayal of women as “a provocation,” “an insult,” and “against morals.”

Iran cited a second “domino” ad “exploiting women” to justify the controversial decision.

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