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At the age of eleven, he found a loophole in the merchant site lottery and bought an RTX 3090

Amidst the shortage of components, an 11-year-old boy discovers a loophole in a lottery organized by Newegg and buys an RTX 3090 without going through the lottery.

and lo The graphics card shortage may end in the coming monthsBuying a high-quality card is still very complicated. If some take the opportunity with the risk that one of the following cards from China will end up Ban on Bitcoin mining in the regionOthers find more original solutions to get the precious ingredient.

Credit: Nvidia

As a rule, when restocking, Sites are taken over by assault by customers, but also by robots who take most of the parts available for resale afterwards at exorbitant prices. Newegg has found a solution to this system. Plenty of stock is kept for assembling the complete configuration and the rest is provided by tow. Thus, the winner has the right to purchase the graphics card.

Faulty full configurations

When the 11-year-old boy meets his father I entered several times in the lottery to win the right to buy the RTX 3090Their attempts were unsuccessful. And this young man persevered, unchecked, and searched for a way to get the desired thing.

The “Configure Your Computer” function allows you to assemble your machine almost completely on the dealer’s website and select the various components. As part of a complete PC purchase, customers are exempt from checkout and can proceed directly to the purchase process.

before correction, A flaw in this app allowed a complete configuration to be set up and then completely removed, except for the graphics card. Thus, the father and son were able to validate the direct purchase of the RTX 3090 they have received since then.

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In an interview, the father announced that he had the idea to take advantage of the loophole to purchase several cards, but changed his mind to leave the precious components to other buyers in his case. A reasonable decision, if everyone followed it, might make it possible to get out of the crisis a little more quickly.

While there are indications that the situation is improving for graphics cards, The CEO of Intel believes that the supply difficulties may continue for a few more years.

Source : pcgamer