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The Alliance's Unreal Engine 5 demo on Xbox Series X: The video is here!  |  Xbox One

The Alliance’s Unreal Engine 5 demo on Xbox Series X: The video is here! | Xbox One

Although this is just a technical demo here, it seems like quite a few players have been waiting to finally find out what it is. xbox studio The alliance was going to be featured in this demo Alpha Point Under Unreal Engine 5. Here are the details!

Alpha Point: Coalition Show Unreal Engine 5 is not a game

So, during the Game Developers Conference, the alliance presented its work on using Unreal Engine 5, the latest version of the Epic Games engine. The demo is called Alpha Point and at the end turns out to be rather short.

Most of the demo assets are made up of 300,000-500,000 triangles, which is already 15 times more than what is in the experimental asset, Colin Penty, Technical Director. gears 5, the latest game in the studio. It may sound impressive, but it’s far from lowering the engine since Unreal Engine 5 demo It was released last year and ran on PS5 at 30fps rendering gnomes at 33 million triangles. The Alpha Point show from The Coalition shown below on Xbox Series X features over 100 million triangles here.

Note that this technical demo is not intended to present a game in development. Kate Rayner, CTO of The Coalition, explained that this demo allowed the studio to get their hands on the engine and learn about Unreal Engine 5 in collaboration with Epic Games. We know the alliance has Several projects under Unreal Engine 5 are in progressBut today we won’t get a chance to get a glimpse of one of them.

The Alpha Point demo runs at around 46 frames per second on Xbox Series X and at 4K resolution. This is downsized to a lower definition using Epic Games’ Temporal Super Resolution technology, the equivalent of NVIDIA’s DLSS or AMD’s FidelityFX.

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In the second part of the video, the alliance also presented their work on character creation. Thus we can count no less than 3.5 million triangles for hair only and 160,000 triangles for body modeling, which is already three times more than Gears 5.

Below you can enjoy the work the Alliance has done under the Unreal Engine 5. This gives us a glimpse of what could be done in the future on Xbox Series X | S. Design is also available to take advantage of a letter to the developers of the Alliance.