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Asobo: New AAA Game for PC and Cloud, New Xbox Collaboration? | Xbox One

Has Microsoft entered into a new partnership with Asobo Studio for an upcoming Xbox game? It’s a possibility when you think about the French studio’s history, but especially so when you come across the profile of one of their employees.

A new AAA game planned for PC and Cloud by the developers of A Plague Tale

Olivier Goguel is Art Director at Asobo Studio and HoloForge Interactive, the division of Asobo Studio dedicated to mixed reality professionals and professionals thanks to his experience with HoloLens.

The artwork A Plague Tale

According to his Linkedin profile, he created the division dedicated to mixed reality at Asobo, but is above all a technical lead on an “unannounced AAA project for PC/cloud”.

We don’t have details at the moment on this project, but we do know that Asobo Studio has particularly shone in several Xbox games lately.

We obviously know them A Plague Tale: Innocence and A Plague Tale: Requiem, but also Microsoft Flight Simulator. This version upon its release in 2020 was widely praised for its clever use of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud to recreate the entire Earth and bring flight simulation to life.

A new partnership with Xbox is only a guess at this point, but when you see Microsoft’s cloud gaming efforts and the brand’s previous partnerships with Asobo, it’s easy to imagine a new tie-up.

Last year, Hideo Kojima confirmed the development of a cloud-based Xbox game in partnership with Xbox Game Studios, a “challenge to realize this new concept” that’s still slow to emerge but some imagine is an overdose.