Nancy Shukri On Quotas – I Can Live Without It, We Can’t Live Without It; For Now


Nancy Shukri on Quotas: We Can’t Live Without It, For Now

Minister Nancy Shukri wants greater female representation in parliament but that it will take a long time before greater participation is achieved. She tells AWANI Review’s Zakiah Koya that while she does not agree with quotas, it may be the solution in the interim.

"No. I’m not happy," says Nancy in no uncertain terms when suggested that perhaps, quotas are needed to address the dearth of women representation in our parliamentary system. "The thing is, I don’t like quotas but we have to hit (sic) on that. We need to trigger the system. There must be a quota system for a start because the numbers are just not enough," says Nancy. The Batang Sadong Member of Parliament – a seat she won under the...

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