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Arkéa Ultimate Challenge.  Charles Cottrellier still commands Australia's navy.

Arkéa Ultimate Challenge. Charles Cottrellier still commands Australia's navy.

Nothing seems slow Maxey Edmond de Rothschild In the southern hemisphere. After the nineteenth night, Charles Coutrelier still leads the fleet in this Archaea Ultimate challenge. The leader runs along the Australian coast and therefore continues his progress on a northeasterly course. “Because we weren't sailing with a full tailwind, he changed his course slightly to have a better wind angle.” The leader is now moving towards Tasmania, which he should reach this Saturday morning after doing some maneuvers earlier.

Thomas Cowell: “It's a great pleasure”

Behind, Thomas Temple can finally breathe. After several days of strong winds, it benefits from a slight calm. After all, he was able to take the opportunity to adjust his starboard foil descent system. “It was a moment of great joy, of rare intensity, She tearfully explained in a video released Thursday evening. It never goes as planned, but after the hard work of the whole team we made it happen. We made something beautiful out of it.”.

Armel Le Cléac'h is almost 970 miles to the west. Captain of Maxi Banque Populaire XI Although he was very slow since midnight (about 10 knots), Thomas re-entered the temple.

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In Cape Town, Tom Laperche (SVR-Lazartigue) explained yesterday “Continuation is a slim possibility”. He could welcome another contender: Anthony Marchand. Captain ofCurrent Utim 3Its port hull was badly damaged and was due to arrive at a South African port during the night. “There was no wind all last night, which did not make the approach to the harbor any easier, Race director Guillaume Rottee notes. He had twenty miles to go before he could start his engine and his crew could join him on board..

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Finally, Eric Perron heads to Cape Town, South Africa after his saffron damage.