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Apple reveals a list of the best apps in the App Store for 2023

Apple reveals a list of the best apps in the App Store for 2023

Apple revealed its list of the best apps for 2023 on the App Store. So we know the best apps and games for iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

The App Store catalog is full of options for our different devices surrounded by the Apple logo.

Out of all these options, which is the best option?

Every year Apple maintains its list of the best apps for each type of device in its ecosystem.

What are the best apps on the App Store for 2023?

Unlike the 2023 Google Play Store rankings that reward multiple apps in different categories, Apple is keeping it simpler.

In our 2023 Apple rankings, we instead identify the best apps for each type of device. Here is their track record.

The best application for iPhone 2023

This is the application AllTrails: Hike, bike, run Who probably won the most famous title. The best iPhone app is still the top category.

This is an outdoor fitness app that offers a comprehensive catalog of hiking trails.

More than 400,000 trails are listed there with their difficulty level and points of interest along the way.

The best application for iPad 2023

On the side of the iPad tablet is the app Ready for makeup Which stood out.

Ready for makeup

This app allows you to try different types of makeup on the palettes.

Best app for Mac 2023

For Mac computers, this is the app Photomator Who won the honor.

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It’s a photo editing app that’s been praised for its ease of use and features AI-powered tools to help us elevate the quality of our creations.

Best app for AppleTV 2023

If you’re an AppleTV owner, you’ll have to take a look at the app side Moby.


It is a streaming platform aimed at promoting art cinema.

The best application for Apple Watch 2023

For Apple Watch smartwatches, this is the app Smart Gym Which stood out.

Smart Gym

Without much surprise, it is a fitness application that allows us to track our progress as well as various body data (calories, muscles, etc.)

What are the best games on the App Store for 2023?

The best game for iPhone 2023

Just like on Android, it’s an RPG Honkai: Star Rail Which won the award for best game on iPhone.

 Honkai: Star Rail

The best game for iPad 2023

On iPad, it’s an adventure game Lost in play Which stood out.

Lost in play

Best game for Mac 2023

On Mac computers, it is P lies Who won. This is an adventure game inspired by Pinocchio, but set in a completely different world!

P lies

Best game for Apple Arcade

As for the Apple Arcade service, it is an open world game Hello Kitty Island Adventure who was crowned.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure

2023 apps with the greatest cultural impact

Apple also highlighted the apps with the greatest cultural impact. These awards aim to honor apps that encourage users to learn and grow in an inclusive and accessible space, contribute to a more sustainable future, and explore self-reflection and intergenerational connection.

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Book Book: This is an educational app for children aged 2 to 7 years inspired by the teaching method of Maria Montessori.

introduction: It is an application that allows the creation of alternative communication tools to help people who have language impairments.

Too good to go: This application allows merchants and restaurants to sell their unsold products in order to reduce food waste.

unloading: A little game that seems harmless when we’re unpacking packing boxes, but aims to arouse the user’s empathy through the movements of someone we never see.

Find Hannah: Another game where this time we must find hidden objects that allow us to discover the history of three generations of women.

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