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Apple Music pays about $ 0.01 per stream

Apple Music pays about $ 0.01 per stream

In recent weeks, online listening platforms have tried to restore the image the musical world has. At the heart of all disagreements: How much do they pay for each listening?

We learn across Wall Street Journal From a message to publishers and record companies via the artist dashboard. an Apple She also explains that she believes it is important to pay artists a decent and equal amount for each listening. Remember, a penny of listening is twice the best income on Spotify, and a quarter to a half of a penny of listening.

Why is this difference?

Apple Music All Internet listening service providers follow the same model in Canada at this time. This is a relative model. In other words, users pay a subscription that goes to a large group that is divided according to listening. In other words, if 100 people pay $ 1 a month, that earns $ 60 in the group because the company keeps a portion to pay their employees, the platform, etc. Let’s admit it Taylor Swift You play 5%, so you get $ 3. There are nuances, exceptions, and a bunch of subtle characters in the contract, but you get the gist of how it works.

In the past few months, Spotify has been widely criticized for the way it pays Which many independent musicians consider insufficient. As a reaction, Spotify a lancé l’initiative Loud & Clear Which aims to give a clearer picture of the situation. Unfortunately, the available data is very weak at the moment. This is the place an Apple He decides to strike, to be more open and transparent.

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On the other hand, this should be taken into accountApple Music Like Amazon Music and QUBmusique they rely on a subscription model only, while Spotify offers two solutions: one is free with ads and a premium subscription with additional features and without ads. You should also know that the amount put into the bundle for free listening is less than a subscription.


Therefore, that is surprisingApple Music Those operating on a proportional model find themselves paying two to four times more to “rights holders” for each eavesdropping. How is Spotify so low? Loud & Clear might eventually come up with some answers, but that’s not the case at the moment. Is an increase in users Apple Music Would it reduce the price of listening? Probably. Especially in the case of establishments like bars or restaurants that play several hours of music and capture a greater share than the average user. This may lower the listening price due to the volume of listening which may increase disproportionately with the income.

This long preamble prepares the table to actually say so Apple Music It currently pays around a penny per listening due to its subscription price, number of users, and their listening behavior.

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