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Apple Plans Sac A Dos Capteurs LiDAR

Apple Maps: Employees map the UK as livestock

Apple employees Not just in France To improve map usage, they are available in the UK and more precisely in the UK. They also go on foot to map some cities.

Apple Maps groups are based in the UK

Apple uses Cameras and sensors are mounted on pedestrian backpacks to collect map data in more than 85 specific cities and metropolitan areas, including Berkshire, Greater London, Greater Manchester, Staffordshire and the West Midlands. Going to pedestrian areas that are difficult to access or even accessible by car is a question.

Upon arrival, it will improve the map usage and make it look like a street view, similar to the one on Google Maps. As is already possible in many cities in the United States, we can walk the streets and choose the angle we prefer. Apple has not yet said when the data will be available in the UK. Also, the board did not say when it will be available in France.

Here is what Apple says on its site for on-foot mapping:

Some pedestrian logs use pack-equipped equipment to apply data directly to the map, for example 360ยบ view. Other recordings of pedestrians are made by iPods, iPhones or other devices to enhance the view. These pedestrian logs allow you to improve and update the use of the map in areas where vehicles cannot move while using privacy protection such as vehicles.