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Kentucky, KFC State, Muhammad Ali and Bluegrass

Kentucky, KFC State, Muhammad Ali and Bluegrass

New dive into US states with boxing legend Kentucky: The State of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Mohammed Ali, But bluegrass, a local variant of folk music. This government is a senator, a pillar of Trump’s presidency and today his arch-enemy, who stands in the way of 2024: Mitch McConnell.

But first there is the local legend Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, abolishing slavery. A national park bears his name today. Mohammed Ali, from Louisville, the largest city in the state, was born Cassius Clay, and has a museum named after him.

Finally, rhymes here with Kentucky music. Loretta Lynn To begin with, a prominent artist in the country scene, its popularity did not really go beyond American borders. The Bluegrass Also, it specializes in being very rhythmic with many vocal accompaniments and the use of string instruments such as the violin or poncho.

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