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Apple II Desktop GUI has been upgraded to version 1.3

Apple II Desktop GUI has been upgraded to version 1.3

Do you remember the Apple II? The venerable Apple Computer (46 years old identical) is still used in occasional use and some are still in development for that device Apple abandoned in the 1980s.

Three displays from the Apple II DeskTop.

Apple II DeskTop is an application that started life as Mouse Desk, before being licensed by Apple and introduced as Apple II DeskTop. It’s a graphical interface for the Apple II, which runs in “high resolution” graphics mode (560 x 192) and ideally requires 128KB of RAM and a mouse. there Compatibility list So it’s pretty broad, from the Apple IIe to the IIgs version, and goes through the Macintosh card of some versions and emulators obviously.

there current version east open source It was designed by reverse engineering to fix bugs and add features. The list of corrections and additions in this version 1.3 is also long enough For 8-bit and 16-bit PC fans. If you want to see the Apple II DeskTop in action, it is possible to test it in an emulator directly in the browser. And if you still have the necessary materials, disc images in different languages ​​(including French) Available.

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