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Apple Cash will transform its payment network in the US into Visa

Apple Cash will transform its payment network in the US into Visa

Apple is working on a replacement for its US virtual bank card, Apple Cash, which should not be confused with the Apple Card. On His website, Many images of Apple Cash cards now have the Visa logo, which was not the case before. This addition makes Apple Cash card no longer use the Discover payment network, but Visa, which is much more comprehensive.

US users can credit their Apple Cash card, which is optional, in any amount they wish. Then they can use it as an Apple Pay payment system in stores and on the internet, and above all easily transfer money with others.

Apple Cash, formerly Apple Pay Cash, is eye-catching Years Without getting material for European users. Messages apps have the Apple Pay button to transfer money quickly to a loved one, but this feature is not yet available outside the US.

Apple Pay Button рокроп Useless outside the US.

Switching to the Visa Network, a larger network than Discover, is the forerunner of international launch? Nothing is certain. In addition to the payment network, Apple is partnering with another partner in this service Green dot bank, Which provides the virtual card. If you want to release Apple Cash in other countries, you need to find other local partners if Apple does not decide to use it alone. A bank recently acquired the start-up Can recommend it. Not the money that Apple does not have …

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