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Anthony Mantha and Joel Armia are at the center of the discussion between CH and the Capitals

Anthony Mantha and Joel Armia are at the center of the discussion between CH and the Capitals

Joel Armia started the season in the American League for the reasons we know today.

It was a good start and he was called up by the Canadian after Kirby Dutch was injured. However, we still wonder what the organization’s plan is with him since he has not played since being called up from Laval Rocket.

David Pagnotta announced throughRecent tweet That Kent Hughes tried to trade the Finnish striker this summer (unsuccessfully) and that at the moment, there is a rumor that Armia is still at the center of certain discussions regarding a potential deal.

Basically, it might seem surprising that the right-handed striker has Hit the cover $3.4 million, which is a lot of money for a player who has been on the hunt for several seasons already. Especially since his contract expires at the end of next season (24-25)…

A Canadian can also withhold a portion of his or her salary to facilitate any transaction, and we agree to that. But still: we are not talking about a piece that is necessarily attractive to different NHL clubs.

All this to say, Pagnotta has new information on file. From what he has heard, Kent Hughes has spoken with Brian McClellan (Capitals GM) in order to come to some sort of agreement, and the names of Anthony Mantha and Joel Armia have been mentioned by NHL Informant Network:

I’ve been told that Hab has already had a conversation with the Washington Capitals about Anthony Mantha and that forward Joel Armia was part of the discussion. -David Pagnotta

And we also understand in all of this that if the Senate moves, it’s not necessarily out of necessity…it’s out of opportunism. The Canadian doesn’t necessarily need an extra striker, but if Kent Hughes sees the return he gets in the deal helps the club, he will.

Anthony Mantha has been struggling lately.

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He was never able to hit his stride in Washington due to multiple injuries and his body seemed to be pretty beat up.

Quebec has been ruled out of four games this season and was left aside once by its coach.

You will understand that things are not going well for him at the moment.

This isn’t the first time the Cubs have tried to send him elsewhere, but it’s primarily his contract that is an issue. The Mantha Agreement expires at the end of this season… but… Hit the cover The amount of $5.7 million scares various NHL teams.

It makes sense, we agree… because we’re also talking about an offensive player who has racked up 50 points in his last 108 big-league games and is often injured.

The question to ask is this. Does Anthony Mantha have what it takes to help the Canadian in the short or medium term?

For me, the clear answer is no. I don’t think replacing one problem with another will change anything.

On the other hand, Anthony Mantha is only 29 years old and still has good years ahead of him if he stays healthy and if he can find the spark that made him so dangerous in Detroit.

But injuries are the problem

The idea of ​​looking for a top striker to play alongside Suzuki and Caufield could certainly be interesting. But the Canadian already has players in his squad who can fit into this role (Slave, Anderson)…

This makes me wonder if CH really needs Anthony Mantha in its training.

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The advantage, on the other hand, is that Mantha’s contract expires this season while Armia’s expires in the summer of 2025.

This would be an easy solution to get rid of Armia’s contract and would allow Kent Hughes to free up $3.4 million in salary for the 24-25 season…

But it will be necessary merchant With Mantha until the end of this campaign. Do you say yes or no?

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