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ANSM warns of women’s risk of blindness

ANSM warns of women’s risk of blindness

Clomid (based on clomiphene citrate) is used to stimulate ovulation. Prescribed to women with fertility problems, it can pose a significant risk to its users. According to recent studies, cases of vision problems will be tracked by some women, notes the ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines).

Recent safety data highlights new visual effects. These can, in some cases, lead to partial or total blindness which does not always resolve after stopping treatment. An exact risk factor has not been identified but a duration of use and a dose higher than recommendations have been reported in a few caseswrites the controlling agency.

now, “History of visual disturbances associated with Clomid use (previous or current treatment cycle)” , that it “contraindications“.

Today, it is estimated that approximately 47,000 women take this remedy. If visual disturbance occurs, treatment should be discontinued and a physician consulted. The latter will be able to provide a prescription for a full ophthalmological examination, before considering a new treatment.

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