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Russia announces the arrest of about twenty "accomplices" with the Ukrainian army

Russia announces the arrest of about twenty “accomplices” with the Ukrainian army

On Thursday, the Russian occupation forces announced the arrest of about 20 “accomplices” with the Ukrainian army in the occupied Kherson and Zaporizhia regions in southern Ukraine, while launching a Ukrainian counter-attack on this region.

The administration of the occupation of Kherson said in a statement on Telegram that the Russian National Guard had arrested “21 partners of the Ukrainian armed forces in the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions.”

According to the same source, 13 grenade launchers, more than 31 thousand rounds of different calibers, 53 bombs and more than 24 kilograms of explosives were seized.

The statement added that seven mines and artillery shells were dismantled, without further details.

It was also alleged that the Russian security services dismantled a group of Ukrainian agents in Kherson who provided the Ukrainian army with information about the deployment of Russian forces in this city and its surroundings to direct the firing of Ukrainian missiles, according to what was reported by the public agency. RIA Novosti.

The announcement came a day after Ukrainian strikes that partially destroyed an important bridge at Kherson, strategic and key to the supply of Russian forces and the city.

Kherson, the capital of the region that bears its name, is only a few kilometers from the front where Ukrainian forces launched a counter-offensive to reclaim these lands lost in the early days of the Russian offensive on Ukraine.

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