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American League: Messi scores in the 92nd minute against Galaxy, and Inter Miami draws 1-1

American League: Messi scores in the 92nd minute against Galaxy, and Inter Miami draws 1-1

Los Angeles, California. – Inter Miami dominated almost the entire match, relying on none other than Lionel Messi to pick up a point in the standings against LA Galaxy on Sunday night.

Miami got the advantage when Marco Delgado received a red card in the 87th minute, and the Argentine star was not going to let such an opportunity go to waste.

In the 92nd minute, Messi and his faithful companion Jordi Alba produced a brilliant display that led to Messi's equalizer with a left-footed shot into the top corner.

Messi and Alba made the pass and go perfectly, and the goalscorer's prolific touch as he slid in left goalkeeper John McCarthy no chance.

Dejan Jovelic scored in the 75th minute for the Galaxy, who came very close to pulling off a certain upset against the Argentine and whose club looks tailor-made to win it all in MLS.

The goal stunned the California Stadium in Inter's first road match of the season. Thousands of fans wearing No. 10 jerseys were among 27,642 spectators in the stands – a new record for the Galaxy in the regular season.

Miami won its opening game of the 2024 NFL season on Wednesday.

Four days later, Florida had a harder time winning. In fact, it was Los Angeles that exerted the vast majority of the offensive pressure in this game, dominating 23-11 in terms of shots.

Drake Callender saved a penalty kick taken by Riqui Puig, but Delgado controlled the comeback, and Juvelic delivered it to score an easy goal for the latter.

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Then Delgado was sent off in the 87th minute after a harsh decision by the referee, which raised many questions.