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Twitter Blue was officially launched in Canada and Australia

Twitter Blue was officially launched in Canada and Australia

On June 3, 2021, Twitter officially Currently Its subscription offer. Its creation was previously confirmed by its CFO, but no communications have been indicated. few Features of the experiment were discovered Interested parties were able to present the contents of the pack offered on Twitter’s tariff offer.

“This subscription offer is intended for those who simply want to add advanced and complementary features to the existing Twitter experience,” the statement said. For its launch, the social network decides to access it only for users in Canada and Australia. The goal is to expand the subscription to other countries by understanding how Twitter Blue is used and what can be improved.

What are the features of Twitter Blue?

Surprisingly, we see options that have already been discovered. This is the status for the files Bookmarks. Users with a subscription can categorize them into their preferred categories. Launched in 2018, this feature allows releases to be stored in a separate stream. However, there is nothing to sort them out, and archive usage is not very ergonomic.

Example of bookmarks management

Example of bookmarks management. Image: Twitter.

Subscribers will also have access to the subscription to cancel a tweet. The most useful function when it comes to a very long thread is the misspelling missed in the middle. During the release, for 30 seconds the user will see two buttons appear: Send Now, Cancel.

An animation will tell the user how much time is left to cancel their tweet

An animation will tell the user how much time is left to cancel their tweet. Image: Twitter.

Finally, for fans of long stories, Twitter Blue offers access to a “reading mode”. This mode improves the interface of the texts, thus providing a certain comfort.

Providing reading mode with Twitter Blue

Only texts are accessible, the reading method is not very effective at this time. Image: Twitter.

The hypothesis of a version without advertising was put forward by many users. For now, Twitter has not mentioned anything on the matter. However, one can expect an expensive offer to emerge, allowing users to browse the social network without seeing advertisers. for now, The Twitter Blue subscription is priced at C $ 3.49, and A $ 4.49.

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In its message, the social network also promises, “To those who are surprised, no, a free Twitter will never disappear, never disappears”.