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Amazon confusion with product sheets generated by ChatGPT

Amazon confusion with product sheets generated by ChatGPT

A disturbing new phenomenon has emerged on Amazon, where bizarre AI-generated ads are challenging OpenAI's usage policies. Internet users enjoyed writing “It goes against the OpenAI usage policy” On the e-commerce platform. Screenshots shared on social networks, It was spotted by The Verge, reveal interesting products, such as chairs or tables, for example. These items are identified by names such as “Sorry, but I can't respond to this request.” or “I'm sorry but I can't parse or create new product titles” They leave users wondering if it's a hoax or a real AI creation.

Screenshot from The Verge.

Interestingly, this trend is not limited to Amazon, but also extends to social networks Like Twitter, where accounts tweet messages like “I'm sorry, but I can't respond to your request because it violates the OpenAI content policy.”, as described by The Verge. We hope that overcoming these limitations will help ChatGPT generate text very quickly.

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