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Amazon complains that it was targeted by the proposed no-confidence law in the United States

Amazon complains that it was targeted by the proposed no-confidence law in the United States

This is the most advanced hopeless legal proposal in the U.S. legislative process, which has drawn the wrath of Amazon, the American Invention and Selection Online Law (AICOA). Said Brian Hussman, vice president of public policy for Internet companies Picked up the pen Criticize the text on June 1 and ” Its unintended negative consequences for American consumers and small businesses “.

The best hopeless speech in Congress

AICOA aims to ban online sites from advertising their own products or services on their site to the detriment of third parties. Certainly, Amazon cannot highlight its products in its search results or the products of the Amazon project by the fulfillment of third-party vendors, which is a good process exchange, which allows these vendors to benefit from the privileged position in Prime and results.

The text was adopted by the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives in 2021, and adopted by the Senate Bipartisan Alliance in early 2022. Events take place within the upper house of Congress Accelerate The referendum should be held in full session in the summer.

Deadline to shed light on Amazon’s public discourse. ” Vague and indefinite “The main flaw of the world leader in e-commerce is the legitimacy of this law.

Amazon rivals were saved

According to Brian Hussman, it is clear that the motive of the elected officials is to target Amazon, the sole retailer of GAFAM and especially American technology companies. The Vice President believes that If the law is to be enacted, it must be implemented in a fair manner “Distributors like Walmart, Target or Costco will be effectively protected from the text.

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In order to protect the company in Seattle, Brian Hussmann did not hesitate to attack the promoters of the speech with the most subtle maneuvers. ” Similarly, the state of Minnesota-headquartered Target from Senator Globuschar has been ruled out even though it is an online marketplace for retailers. A similar hoe was addressed to David Cecil, who addressed the Republican and House of Representatives.

Amazon raises even more classic arguments. Business harassment for its 500,000 partners, small businesses and 1.8 million jobs. Penalty in amount Stupid It will destabilize the company and its one million employees. Deterioration of Prime Express delivery service.

This last point worried Democratic senators Last month. With midterm elections in November, they fear that attacking public service will have a negative impact.

Public campaign

An idea that is widely supported by Amazon’s intense campaigning, Brian Hussmann summed it up in a statement on the bill. ” Two things American customers value most about Amazon can be affected: the greatest choice and lowest prices possible by opening our store to third-party retail partners, and the promise of quick, free shipping through AmazonPrime “.

Senator Amy Klobuchar made amendments to allay suspicions in her camp. Surprisingly, these changes were considered insufficient by Amazon. To Brian Hussman they ” Do nothing to address the most serious concerns about the bill “.

As a sign of frightening openness, Brian Hussman happily concludes the idea. ” Identify and address legitimate concerns of legislators “Modify the terms of” Highly competitive retail “. Reconsider accepting AICOA, a partnership with a prerequisite.

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Democrat Sen. Spokeswoman Brian Hussein’s new response RegistrationWho do you trust? America’s largest online retailer, with a proven record of deceiving small businesses and lying about the impact of this bill or small businesses themselves? “Senators do not want to” reconsider “AICOA at this time.