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aluminum |  Great investment by Rio Tinto in Jonquière

aluminum | Great investment by Rio Tinto in Jonquière

On Monday, multinational Rio Tinto will announce the construction of an aluminum smelter in the city of Jonquier, in northeastern Quebec. I learned that the value of the project will be between 1 and 1.5 billion dollars Journalism.

The company called on the media to “join in on the announcement of a significant investment” in Junction Monday morning. The email says the investment is part of the company’s vision for the future of Quebec’s aluminum operations.

The invite says Rio Tinto’s global CEO, Jacob Stosholm, will be in attendance. Also there will be Sebastian Ross, Director of Atlantic Operations for Rio Tinto Aluminum, and Donat Pearson, President of the National Union of Aluminum Employees at Arvida. Representatives from the Government of Quebec and Canada will also participate, most likely Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy.

According to our information, the project to be announced will include the addition of 96 AP60 technology cells, which can produce approximately 150,000 tons of aluminum. Several hundred jobs will be created or maintained at Rio Tinto, not to mention construction jobs.

The company built 38 AP60 centers in 2013, but low aluminum prices, among other things, held back the next two promised 96-centers for several years. Monday’s project will raise aluminum production with AP60 to about 200,000 tonnes (134 pots).

During the conference there will also be talk of a possible phase-out of the old western smelting center in Arvida, which is very polluting.