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Alstom has won a contract worth nearly €1 billion for rail maintenance in the UK

Alstom has won a contract worth nearly €1 billion for rail maintenance in the UK

A train outside the Alstom maintenance depot in Chester, northwest England.

©Paul Ellis/AFP

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Railway manufacturer Alstom has won a contract worth nearly one billion euros over eight years to “maintain, replace, service and clean” trains operated by British company CrossCountry, the group announced on Thursday.

In fact, it is an extension of an existing contract that binds Alstom and CrossCountry until 2031 for 950 million euros. BFM Business.

“The contract includes all planned (preventive) and unplanned (corrective) maintenance, all necessary replacement activities, cleaning and light maintenance services of the vehicles, for 59 trains in the crosscountry, according to the details of Alstom in a press release.

Alstom will also be tasked with ensuring a “quality passenger environment” by proposing innovations to improve it.

So the French manufacturer will have a “service arrangement” with a 24/7 telephone helpline, a “depot management” or “depot management” located in Central Rivers north of Birmingham. Correcting accidents or vandalism.

Crosscountry is a private British railway company owned by Arriva, which operates a network from Aberdeen in the north of Scotland to Penzance, Cornwall (southwest of England). It operates Voyageurs, intercity trains built by Bombardier that Alstom will acquire in 2022, which will reach speeds of up to 200 km/h.

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